Welcome another beautiful face to Infernal Restraints: Ashley Lane is hot and helpless

Ashley Lane blindfoldedclick to see full-size

What more can you do? Being fucked, vibrator on the clit, ass stimulated, nipple clips, blindfolded, mouth spread, being whipped. If only you could stick something in her mouth, cum, piss, etc.

Ashley Lane is totally immobilized and her hands are spreadclick to see full-size

What a wasted opportunity! She is totally immobilized and her hands are spread. Why the fuck are you not thrashing the hell out of the bitch's pussy with a strap?

Ashley pussy whippingclick to see full-size

We love Ashley. Liked her very much in the ass up pose taking it from behind. And the whipping. O man that;s awesome she is pure delite!

Subgirl with her head locked in the boxclick to see full-size

What an exciting shoot!Ashley,you were marvelous-when a model enjoys the session as much as you did-it really makes for a great time for the rest of us.(By the post interview it seemed a great time was had by all). The ties were extreme as were your orgasms-thank you for sharing. Loved the spread box tie with the tie between the tongue and the clit (and I'm usually not a big fan of ties off to piercings) but that was HOT!) Excellent flogging - esp the pussy flogging-sweeeet orgasm there. Enjoyed when Ashley came. I've also been appreciating all the throat and breath play. Hope to see tis blonde back often. You two were tremendous together and gave us an exciting 59 minutes.

She had the real thing in her mouthclick to see full-size

Would have been better if she had the real thing in her beautiful mouth.

Tit squeezers made from steelclick to see full-size

Tit squeezers were invented in 1625 by an ancestor of mine called Master T Squeeze. Unfortunately, he failed to patent his invention so it can now be copied by any torturer! (I hope you will find this factual information useful)!

A wonderful viewing of Ashley Laneclick to see full-size

What a wonderful viewing of Ashley Lane. I'm very excited! I'd give her 100 points. But finally she should have been fucked while she is in this pose. May be next time?

Training Ashley to take the caneclick to see full-size

In the end she should have been caned for a number of times. Loved when you were training Ashley to take the cane. And best of all was when you were punishing her and talking to the viewers. She was really getting on my nerves in the beginning, but by the end she was great.

Girl is emotionally and sexually evolvedclick to see full-size

Oh Ashley Lane. New to this site without knowing there were full binding scenes like this (damn the trailers!). Was so happy to find this and can't wait to find others so I can live through stunning, emotionally/sexually evolved, and lucky models such as Ashley Lane who enjoy your talents. I don't yet know how to define times I refer to so I am using the first number as minutes and the second as seconds: 2:38 "this is kinda like bullshit right?" how sexy. Let her do things her way then re-adjust and fire. Not degrading her, but an admonishment on the apparatus. What a turn on. I assume she was equally as turned on by your "corrections" as I was. 2:45-48 "sizing her up". As a female sub, seeing a dom in action like this is intensely sexual. Your "butcher's" detached demeanor (skillful about a somewhat squeamish practice) is what makes my submissive side fire up. That "look" you have while sizing up the back of girl's head sends me through the roof. 2:58-60 "it feels like my fingers are falling asleep", "no, they're fine dear." such a simple exchange between the sub and the master - her questioning her boundaries, his calm and in-charge answers. Love it. 3:40 "put your (unintelligible) foot right here." it's these demands that drive me as a sub. Loved watching Ashley respond with a mixture of "really?" and knowing it was in her best interest, is why I love this scene. I'll stop now. Could go on forever.

Ashley Lane makes the BDSM fantasy so realisticclick to see full-size

This is the reason I love BDSM. I absolutely love this set. Ashley Lane makes the fantasy so realistic. I keep coming back to this one. I like the first tie with clothes on, the nylons and garter belt and steel boots. I like the way she tries to keep her skirt down and fights back. I wish I had found this set much earlier. I don't know how in the world I missed it all this time. More like this.